Myopia Management

You may, or may not have come across the term Myopia before. This is simply short sightedness, and is very common in children and adults alike.

Myopia in children is growing at an alarming rate, due to factors including lifestyle, studying and spending less time outdoors. If parents are myopic (short sighted), this also significantly increases the likelihood of your child becoming short sighted.

Being able to diagnose and treat myopia early in children can help slow the progression of myopia, which can, in turn, lead to better outcomes for eye health as adults.

Here at Scher and Lasky we are passionate about Myopia Management for children, as we want to help improve the long term health of our patients eyes, and we are delighted that we are able to offer our patients a number of solutions.

Our most popular solution currently is myopia control spectacle lenses. We have some excellent success stories from patients currently wearing Hoya Miyosmart lenses, and we would recommend them to anyone that is concerned with their child’s increasing myopia. For more information on MiyoSmart lenses, please click here, or call us on 020 8504 9243.

Alternatively, if your child doesn’t like wearing glasses, or they are particularly sporty, we also have myopia control contact lenses. Currently we offer Coopervision MiSight contact lenses to any suitable children. Success rates are very similar to spectacles, and give our children the flexibility to choose how they wish to address their myopia.

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