Contact Lenses

Enjoy comfortable, clear vision all day with the very best contact lenses

Whether you’ve worn glasses since you were a child, have a special event coming up, or you have just received a prescription for glasses for the very first time, contact lenses could be an ideal solution for you!

The range of contact lens types and materials on the market is ever increasing, which means we can almost always find you the perfect solution dependent on your needs, preferences and lifestyle.

You’re in the best hands when it comes to trying contact lenses at Scher & Lasky Opticians. Our professional and qualified Optometrists are highly experienced when it comes to recommending the right lenses for you, and we keep up to date with all the newest innovations on the market. They’ll also give you lots of great information and you will receive full and comprehensive tuition on how to insert and remove them.

Once you have been fitted with your contact lenses and are comfortable with them, we will review your prescription and check your eyes annually to ensure they remain in good health.

To make life even easier for you we offer contact lens packages, which can include home deliveries, easy payment schemes, and regular shipments, so that’s one less thing on your todo list each month!

If you would like to discuss contact lenses with one of our team, then please call us today on 020 8504 9243.

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