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Do you struggle to read printed text? Are patterns forming in text whilst you read? Maybe letters appear to move around the page?

If you or your child has been experiencing any of the above, there is a possibility you might have dyslexia.

It is estimated that approximately 10% of the population suffer from dyslexia – a learning disorder characterised by difficulties with reading. There is no connection between dyslexia and intelligence; the condition simply makes it difficult for the individual to focus on words.

Common symptoms of dyslexia include:

images Discomfort when reading

images Patterns forming between words or lines of text

images Words or letters dancing around the page

images A lack of concentration

images Frustration with reading and writing

As reading and writing are everyday tasks for both children and adults, it is important to find solutions for the difficulties presented by the condition.

It has been found that coloured overlays (clear sheets of coloured plastic) can help dyslexia sufferers with their reading. At Scher & Lasky Opticians, our Optometrist Simone Viniker is specifically trained to carry out dyslexia assessments using this technique.

Assessments simply involve reading a piece of text with different coloured overlays laid over the top. The colour that allows you to read the most words comfortably can be made into specialist eyewear to help with writing and reading in the future.

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